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Frequently Asked Questions

What fitness level do you cater to?

VACATION LEVEL : We accept all levels in our classes, as the main purpose is to:

1. Have fun on your vacation 2. Learn about the Island 3. Get / stay in shape 4. Give back to charity 5. Relax & release stress from the body 6. Enjoy refreshments after class

Are all the exercises high intensity?

Not at all, the 2nd half of the class is a flexibilty session to help to relax and release some of the knots and stress from your body.

What should I wear or carry to workout on the beach?

1. Wear attire that is suitable to workout in and out of the ocean 2. Towel to dry off 3. Change of clothes (optional)

Do I have to go in the water for some of the exercises?

Yes, we want our clients to experience the ultimate benefits of the Caribbean’s #1 rank beach, which is “Seven Mile Beach”.

Water exercises will not extend beyond the height of your shoulders.

How long are the classes?

Each class is 60 minutes

Do you allow class walk-ins?

To ensure the best expereince and attention to each client, drop-in is not a option at this time. It is best to book your session days or weeks ahead to ensure your spot in the class.

What if I book a class and can't make it?

We have a 12 hour class cancellation policy, this gives us enough time to allow those who are on the waiting list to join the class. Once you inform us within that timeframe, you will be refunded.

What if it rains before the class starts?

If it rains, you will be contacted via email to reschedule the class for the following morning at 6:00am.

How much does Vacay Games cost?

See booking page for cost.

Half of the winners fees goes to support youth development programs. Everyone else in the class will donate $1.00

What's the best time to book my classes?

It’s best to book classes days or weeks in advance to avoid being disappointed as clases book pretty quickly

What class times do you offer?

Please go to my booking page to see available days and times that suits you best

Where do we meet for classes?

Classes are located at Governors Beach on West Bat Road. Please see map on the buttom of the home page for directions

What's the minimum age limit to particpate?

18 years of age is the minimum age limit