We all know vacation is the time kick you legs up and relax right? Well, studies are now showing that more and more people are taking activity/workouts more seriously than ever before.

Some clients complain that they’re tired of the boring hotel gyms to workout and loose weight, so I thought, why not make a blog post to assist them.

Well, here goes:

1. Cayman is known around the world for sightseeing, beaches and more, so with that mind wouldn’t be a good idea to do some brisk walking or running outdoor and “kill two birds with one stone” at the same time?

2. Working out in your hotel room is a good idea a well, many hotels now have yoga mats included which is awesome alternatively, you can do a full body weight exercises such as a circuit for time (Complete as many rounds of 10 pushups/10 squats/10 situps/10 burpees as you can in 15mins)

3. Cayman also has many tour activity services that will keep you active on land, water and even air. Aim to do one activity a day and that will keep you busy burning lot’s of calories under the tropical sun

4. Stretching is a element of exercises that we often neglect! Yes I agree, it’s not exciting and it doesn’t tone the muscles or help you burn fat directly, but, if not practiced you will be heading down a road to being injury prone, trust me, I know, this was me

5. Last but not least- I have a challenge for you, the challenge is for you to do all the above during your Cayman vacation to MAXIMIZE your experience

Talk to you soon.

Coach Alton’s Vacay Fit Games Mission:

Coach Alton’s dream is to inspire kids who are facing adversity to triumph and become their best, this is due to his own trials he faced as a youngster with lack of guidance and leadership support. This dream led him to create Coach Alton’s Vacay Fit Games, where he will raise funds to support youth development programs on Island to allow his clients “CAYMAN TOURIST” to avoid the vacay weight gain by competing to WIN & donate 50% of their class fees to MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE LIVES OF KIDS. 2nd place onward will donate $1.00. #WorkoutToMakeADifference

Game/Class Highlights:

1. Each participant becomes a HERO – Winners of game/class donates 50% of class fees and 2nd place onwards donates $1.00 each to youth development programs.
2. Only Aquafit Circuit Fit Game In the WORLD
3. Brings like minded HERO’S together for a common cause/goal
4. Teaches Cayman visitors about the island with a point based quiz
5. Points are earned with water resistant tracking devices
6. Infuse water is included

Class Schedule:

Monday – 7am – 8am: Governor’s Beach
Tuesday – 7am – 8am: Governor’s Beach
Thursday – 7am – 8am: Governor’s Beach

If your those who feel called to make a difference and inspire change in the life of the kids, then this is the challenge for you.
Don’t just workout, #JoinTheMovement
and let’s #WorkoutToMakeADifference together.